About FrameAlbum
We have created a open-source implementation of the FrameChannel service.

If you are reading this then you are no doubt aware that the FrameChannel service shutdown at the end of June 2011. This is an unfortunate turn of events and a decision that the folks at FrameChannel, I'm sure, did not take lightly.

I've grown quite fond of my Kodak W820 frames. I have used the FrameChannel service to consolidate my Flickr and Picasa photos as well as provide weather information, news and the occasional drink recipe .

That all went away when FrameChannel shut down -- or did it?

Not being one to cry into his venti mocha (Mmm... Coffee. Good.) I said to myself "Self, you have some skills, you can build a replacement." Once I explained to the other Starbucks customers that I wasn't off my meds. I sprinted home and set to work building FrameAlbum.

The goal of FrameAlbum is to offer a viable FrameChannel replacement service and to open-source the resulting software. The initial iteration is basic, supporting only a limited number of photo sharing sites. With time, a little patience and many venti mochas I hope to be able to offer weather, news, stock info., photo uploads... namely, all the things we loved about FrameChannel.

I invite you to register for the service (on the left) and breath new life into your internet connected digital photo frame.

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